Sync Products,
and Pricing!

No more managing multiple sources of product administration, pricing, inventory control and sales orders. Completely unified and totally automated between your website catalogs and RB Point of Sales system.
What happens in one will automatically update the other!


Easily load products from your website to your internal POS in seconds with no manual data entry.


Sync product inventory from your POS to your website. Easily hide or display stock level on your website sent from your POS.


Manage product pricing from one single source to update instore and website pricing from within RB.


Regardless if your customer buys online or instore, the order ends up in the same cash register, the same accounting system with the same customer accounts.


Future Functionality: Allow customers to login on your website to see their order history regardless if they purchased in store or online.

Online bookings of Pool & Spa opening and closing services now sync directly with your RB Point of Sales system.

Automatically verify if a service time slot is available within RB at the time of the online booking.

Automatically creates service sales order within RB when online booking is completed and sets it up in the RB service calendar once confirmed.

Do far more than your competitors!
The ultimate online sales & marketing business development platform for Pool and Spa Dealers

Dozens of lead generation/client engagement applications to chose from plugged directly into your website

Build My Pool Application

Design My Spa Application

Hot Tub Replacement Cover Designer

Hot Tub Comparison Tool

Coupon Builder

Virtual Water Treatment Wizard

Portfolio Gallery Manager

Product Catalog / Ecommerce System

Secured Client Portal

Contest Center Application

Giftcard System

Splash Blog

Give the
Gift of
Splash with

Gift cards purchased online are automatically recorded and tracked by your RB Point of Sales system and vice versa. Redeemed amounts are intelligently shared between in store and online without human intervention.

A new age, customer experience!

Using a simple visual touch screen interface within your online Pipeline sales lead managment system, you can configure a pool, hot tub, swim spa or equipment package directly with your customer. When ready, build and store a quote within a client portal on your website as well as setup a sales order within your RB Point of sales system in seconds. No re-entry, no manual input, just seamless integration!


Complete internal POS and online sales and service integration & colaboration

Save thousands by:
- automating & streamlining process
- eleminating manual data entry and data transfer
- reducing human error
- a single solution to manage online and in-store

Website Component

A high end designed website! But not the traditional understanding of a typical static pool/spa dealer website.
Your new website will be a functional piece of software with the abiity to talk to all the other components within InSite Suite and your RB Point of sales system allowing you to deploy industry leading online sales and marketing strategy programs, execute client engagement toolsets into your website and implement far more advanced online services for your customers.

Web Power Box Component

The main engine of InSite Suite! The Web Power Box is your strategy/publishing layer of your new supercharged Digital Marketing machine. Plug this into your website component for capabilities that far exceed a typical Pool/Spa dealer. Integrate all elements of online strategy including website managment, lead generation, email campaigning, social media marketing, content automation and more. Over 30 “industry specific” applications can be launched into your website and back end processes in minutes. The Web Power Box makes what is un-affordable for most pool and spa dealers, COMPLETETY AFFORDABLE.

Pipeline Component

Never let a lead fall through the cracks again!The Pipeline is your lead managment/lead conversation layer.
Comprehensive lead strategy programs executed onto your website from the Web Power Box produces high levels of client engagment and lead capture results which feds those leads to your Pipeline component. It is the tool that will finally allow your business to centralize, manage and automate the follow-up of all the leads that come through your door, that come from referrals, and that will be coming from your powerful new website. The Pipeline will ensure that you have effectively managed ever lead to drastically increase the potential of conversion and increased company revenues.

ARM Component

Automated Relationship Manager. The ARM is your lead lead retention / lead loyality layer.
It automates all the sales and customer service follow-ups that you know you should be doing but never have the time to do. Scheduled and personalized customer service follow-ups, product and service promotions and maintenance notices sent by your virtual sales person that never misses an opportunity to drive more sales! The ARM provides customized communication based on the profile of the customer and only sells what is relevant to that client.

ACDC Component

Imagine having discontinued products disappear from your website automatically or new ones that appear by themselves!
The Automated Contesnt Delivery Client (ACDC) is an online automated marketing and product content feed service for pool & spa dealers. The feed delivers distribution of quality vendor marketing presentations, product catalogs, consistent vendor branding and even full-blown maintenance free marketing and sales applications directly to your dealer website in real time. We partner with over 50 of the industries leading Vendor partners to bring our dealers the most extensive and comprehensive maintenance free online marketing solutions in the industry. A complete game changer for our dealers.